FreeText AI

Artificial Intelligence forcustomer obsession

Convert reviews, chats, surveys, emails, support tickets and other textual customer feedback from multiple sources into actionable insights and trends.

Inbox user interface

Customer Feedback Analytics

FreeText AI turns text into actionable insights and trends
Customer profile user interface
Customer profile user interface
Customer profile user interface

Everything you need

Make Customer Feedback Actionable
Key insights from review, chat & survey data availble in one place - to help you make better decisions.
Enterprise Grade Security
Data stored securely with the highest grade of security.
Multi-Language Support
Analyze feedback across markets and languages.
Custom Source Connectors
If we do not yet have a connector for your source, we will build one.
Intelligent Search
Intelligent Search to help navigate through feedback.
Category Insights
Discover interesting trends and keep an eye on competition.
Internet Knowledge Base
Leverage deep vertical specific knowledge base encriched from internet data.

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