FreeText AI partners With Datahut to help brands make sense of unstructured customer feedback

Datahut, an enterprise-grade web data extraction platform and Freetext AI, a deep learning based text analysis platform, today announced a new strategic partnership to help brands understand unstructured consumer feedback and in turn improve their online reputation and sales. This partnership will combine Datahut’s data extraction capabilities with Freetext’s platform for mining deep meaningful insights from unstructured textual feedback data.

The collaboration between Datahut’s expertise in acquiring large scale structured data from the web and the Freetext.AI’s cutting edge NLP and Machine Learning technology will provide greater value to businesses looking for data-driven actionable insights from unstructured textual feedback data. Consumer feedback data is often scattered at various distributed locations, internally within the organization as well as on the web. This feedback, in the form of user reviews, chats, emails, and surveys, can be used to improve customer satisfaction, draw effective business roadmaps and improve the existing product based on consumer feedback.

Commenting on the partnership Tony Paul, co-founder and Head of Sales at Datahut said.

“This partnership will help brands unlock new insights about customer feedback and improve their brand equity and sales. It is the only solution available in the market that can get deep insights at huge scale across multiple online channels, helping brands understand what to do next to improve their reputation and sales.”

Dyuti Barma, co-founder at FreeText said,

“In the internet age, the voice of the customer is stronger than ever before. It is imperative that businesses not only collect unbiased customer feedback but also understand and appropriately act on it.”

The partnership between FreeText and Datahut shall provide businesses with all the tools they need to listen to consumer feedback from multiple online sources, derive deep actionable insights and build a truly customer-centric company.

About Datahut

Datahut helps businesses get structured data feeds from any website through our cloud-based data as a service platform. You can get unprecedented access to structured web data without writing code, operating software or managing servers. Just take the data and use it for quickly building apps, conducting business analysis and experiment with fresh ideas.

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